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we have an agrement

2012-12-12 17:49:37 by richardstrife777

me and my parents talked and this is the deal i can stay as long as i need as long as i help pay the electric, cable, phone, and i have to fully pay my own car insurance. there's one problem i dont have a job yet to do so so i better get looking.


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2012-12-12 17:55:57

Good luck richard we're all counting on you


2012-12-13 00:41:43

that's cool :) good luck


2012-12-13 15:36:17

how much money will those things cost u. iff you are spending more than 300$ a month i suggest u find two friends and rent an apartment. most 2 bedroom apartments cost 700-900$. Those include cable bills and electricity. if u r not going to college maybe u shud do that... plz pm me if u got more 2 say. also maybe u shud just get a job at macdonalds i know it sound bad u shud try. maybe a starbux 2 idk lol!

richardstrife777 responds:

ill do that mcdonalds sound alright for a start