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did not turn out they way i wanted it to

2012-12-09 11:54:16 by richardstrife777

well i'm not going to release a date the mixes are going to be on here so they will be there when i get them done. also i want insight on what you think iv'e heard that your parents can't kick you out till your done with school even if your 18. and do you think your parents can make you pay rent if you are under 18 let me know what you think this will be for my benefit so i might not get kicked out right away.


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2012-12-09 20:07:22

Ah... I See Well Hope the Mixes Get better soon also try mixcraft to use the sample loops from


2012-12-10 11:01:01

if my parents told me to pay rent to stay at home i'll leave the house right away but i'm sure the will never do that , also they will kick me out of the house if i quit or fail at school , ummm i didn't understand what do you mean ,,, do you mean your parents will kick u out ? why ?

richardstrife777 responds:

because thats just how they are and i turn 18 on the 27TH